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✦ Basic Info ✦

len or sandy they/star/he mestizo peruvian minor

✦ Likes ✦

travels, coding, trending, pink and blue, paranormal

✦ Tunes ✦

everglow bts chase atlantic yaning caibing yena reggaeton kep1er etc
solo winrina, leeseo

✦ Socials ✦

twitterspotifyreferralcrd accpronouny

✦ To know ✦

mostly rt bot, spa/eng, mainly ia, selective with reqs, dm>tl, dont ask for a copy of a crd if you dont have pro plus plss

✦ Go Away ✦

intense with kpop or anime, radfem sympathizer etc, shtwt genshintwt mcytwt, -14, my yurina victon stan

✦ Loves ✦

♡yiren♡ onda, taehyung yoongi, xiaoting yeseo